VITA Furnaces


In addition to excellent materials, VITA also develops state-of-the-art shade measurement devices and furnaces.

Each new device is based on the basic principle of progress and technology: simplifying processes even more and improving the results significantly.

VITA New Generation

With this system, the specialist in modern firing systems comprehensively meets the demand for cost-effective equipment technology and optimized processes. Thanks to its logical modular structure, this innovative concept enables dental technicians and dentists to obtain ideal custom solutions when configuring their own firing system and hence ensures superior efficiency.

Perfection thanks to modular structure

Unique within the dental industry, this system includes ...   

  • the VITA VACUMAT 6000 M premium firing unit for any kind of ceramic dental firing;
  • the VITA VACUMAT 6000 MP combipress unit, which can be used both as a furnace and a press furnace;
  • the HighSpeed sintering unit VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS, designed for all dental ceramic maximum temperature substructure materials,
  • freely selectable control units (VITA vPad comfort, VITA vPad excellence) which meet any specific requirements and enable to control up to four furnaces;
  • VITA MultiPump supplies up to four dental furnaces with the required vacuum using just a single vacuum pump;
  • a variety of accessories.

VITA V60 i-Line

With VITA V60 i-Line, VITA provides its customers with a high-performance ceramic furnace for any type of vacuum firing of dental veneering ceramics, chairside materials, and of other materials. Focusing on the essentials, this vacuum furnace is not fitted with costly additional features, impressing with proven VITA quality – Made in Germany.


Software updates as a free service

As a registered user, you can go to Newsroom >>> VITA Newsletter >>> VITA Update Messenger to subscribe to the VITA Update Messenger. Upon request you will be informed about software updates for your VITA device from VITA Equipment servicing.

If you have any questions concerning the operation, maintenance or technical data of your VITA device, you can find the respective operating instructions in the Downloadcenter of this website.